With experience, expertise and specialization in the field of economic zone development, we provide extensive support to government officials, ministries and economic zone developers and operators.

Our experts conduct comprehensive studies to assess a potential zone opportunity, its investment and income streams, internal and external challenges, and socio-economic benefits.

They help with benchmarking and competitor analysis (local, regional and international) and infrastructure planning and development.

We help establish or improve organizational structures and, streamline operations, administration and customer services.

Our team designs comprehensive business development, marketing and promotion strategies that help highlight how your zone will be able to exceed investor expectations.

We provide recommendations and action plans on creating an optimal financial structure and identifying sources of funds.

We help develop policies and design licensing and regulatory frameworks.

Our team works in coordination with relevant government agencies, partners and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth execution of zone development plans. 

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Economic Zones are considered a key economic contributor in many jurisdictions around the globe. If utilized and monitored in the correct way, a zone can be instrumental for economic growth and innovation.

This book is an effort to layout the operations and present a behind-the-scenes picture of economic zones. It is a good starting point for leaders, policy makers and anyone who wants to understand what an economic zone is; how it can thrive in the midst of rapidly changing business models, digitization, global remote hiring and the Covid-19 pandemic; and how it can evolve or collapse as the world races towards electric vehicles, self-driving cars, orbital vacations and the colonization of Mars.

Economic Zones seeks to provide readers with a clear understanding of the concept and origin of economic zones, the types of zones, how they are set up and deliver value over time, and which emerging trends will significantly impact them in the future. It tells the story of outstanding achievements as well as some dark moments of zone programs.