We live and breathe family business. We know it can be an incredibly rewarding adventure with the right mindset, tools and expertise.

Starting any business or new venture, within an existing business, can be exciting and life-altering but also challenging. And if you want to start something that will thrive for generations to come, we believe it’s best to learn the ropes from those who have been in business for generations.

A strategic roadmap, based on smart insights, can help achieve your business outcomes, identify other opportunities in the market and pave the way for future growth. Our experts can help you define a clear vision, develop a good mission to achieve business objectives, synchronize goals of the business with that of the family and help develop a business plan.

CapiZona’s investment experts can guide you with building and diversifying your investment portfolio, family wealth continuity planning, growing your business sustainably, increasing cost efficiencies, acquiring complementary businesses and expanding into new markets.

Our experts can help you promote your family firm’s unique story and brand or rebrand your business in response to changes in the market, customer base, revenue streams, etc. 

Congratulations on staying in business and making it work with the family! We know that aligning family goals with business goals can be tough and we can help find the best ways to govern a family business, whether this means designing the family constitution or code of conduct, gaining more clarity on shared values, establishing a business forum, creating a family fund, or organizing a family council, assembly or retreat.

Our team can help you set up your family office and recruit a team of professionals to oversee the financial concerns of the family and create a shared vision for the family’s legacy.

One of the most challenging parts of running a family business is sustaining it across generations. Most family businesses do not survive beyond the third generation.

To make the right choice about succession and prepare for a smooth transition, we recommend you start planning early. Our experts can provide confidential advice and help manage the sensitivities around succession, while also preparing rising leaders to take on their roles with confidence.

When you’ve spent years building your business, selling it can be a tough and emotional experience. Our team can work with you to explore and evaluate different sale options, get the most out of the process and even assist you with executing the deal.

Our Experts

Our family business advisers have led or provided guidance to hundreds of families in this region, helping them achieve a shared vision and purpose for their family and their business.

Family Business Sustainability Workshop with Dr. Adil Alzarooni​

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Sustaining Family Businesses: The Essentials​

Do you know what Benetton, Ford Motors, LOreal, Samsung and Walmart have in common? They are all family businesses! But family firms that survive across generations are rare. That doesn’t mean you should close shop, bid adieu to family legacy, part with the heirlooms and become acorporate slave or a spiritual guru (unless you really want to).
If you are a family business leader, a potential successor, or even an employee of a family-owned enterprise or a business student, this book is your go-to-guide on the subject of sustaining family businesses. It will prepare you for the unique adventure that is running a family business. Itwill help you:take a deep dive into the history, characteristics and key challenges of family enterprises; identify sources of oxygen that can keep your company alive and the superpowers that can help it thrive across generations; access tools to design a strong business strategy, governance structure and succession plan; and open your mind to more possibilities in the form of new business models, processes, organizational culture and relationships.